How to contact us

If you have any questions about the appeals process or hearings, please call us on 0303 445 8100 between 9am-5pm (Monday to Friday).

You can also contact us via email ( or complete the contact form below.

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Please note
The Valuation Tribunal is independent and not connected to any party at an appeal hearing. We can only advise you about general matters and we cannot tell you what to present or whether you have a good case for appeal.

You may get advice from:

Citizens’ Advice Bureau
An independent charity network that offers confidential advice online, over the phone and in person, for free. Visit website

Civil Legal Advice (CLA)
A legal adviser, for example through the civil legal aid scheme; you can read more about this scheme here.

For advice about non-domestic rates:
A commercial rating surveyor, for example a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); or the Rating Surveyors’ Association.

Office location

2nd Floor
120 Leman Street
E1 8EU

Telephone: 0303 445 8100

Formal Administrative Complaints

The formal administrative complaints process can only be used to complain about the administration carried out by the VTS offices and our staff.  This means the processes before and after a Tribunal hearing.

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