How to access remote hearings using Microsoft Teams

What you will need

You will need either a mobile phone or a computer with camera, speaker and microphone.

The Tribunal will be using Microsoft Teams, but you do not need the software or App to join the hearing. You can join via an internet browser instead.

How to access Microsoft Teams

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac you can download the Microsoft Teams App from the App Store.

Or, you can click the invitation link and access the hearing through an internet browser such as Google Chrome. Please note that the Safari internet browser does not support Microsoft Teams.

Using the Microsoft Teams App

If you have downloaded the App, you can join the call through the option ‘join as a guest’. You do not need to connect an email address or create an email address to join.

What to do if you cannot access Microsoft Teams

If you cannot access Microsoft Teams, you do have the choice of dialling into the hearing using the phone number and unique pin number. This will be on the hearing invitation that we send to you.

Note: When you accept the hearing invitation, it will delete the invitation from your inbox, but the invitation will still appear in your calendar.

Please remember that at any time you can contact the VTS to ask for general advice.


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